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Beltaine’18 is here!!!

Taren S at Beltaine

Our coven has been doing a Maypole in the park for the past couple of years now. Beltaine is an open Sabbat that we have a good turn out for. The day to dance around the Maypole was perfectly sunny with a light breeze. Everyone is looking forward to an afternoon of celebrating Beltaine. The energies were bright and welcoming; seems the Gods like Beltaine too.

long, long ribbons ready to weave


Our Maypole was standing proudly with long, long ribbons attached to the top. Varying colors, 21 feet long ribbons fluttered in the spring breeze. We figured 21 feet long ribbon sounds about right for a nice romp around the Maypole of dancing and weaving. Right?

Well after rounds and rounds of dizzy weaving, the ribbons seemed to get longer. The more we danced and weaved the more ribbon we appeared to have. It never ended. Some folks took a water break. They handed off their ribbon to some unsuspecting soul standing on the edge of the Maypole circle.

Hand washing station

Merriment and laughter gave way to determination and heavy breaths. The Maypole would be weaved with colorful ribbons, dammit. We would not fail in this spring mission we put on ourselves. Round and round we went, weaving, dancing and weaving, dancing more.

More folks fell away, giving their ribbons to those with far more endurance. Finally we ran out of ribbons just as our eyes were starting to glaze over. We had succeeded!! Looking up at the Maypole, you could see a wonderfully messy weaving of colorful ribbons.

We decided next year to make the ribbons a little shorter.

Picnic Potluck
Beautiful Beltaine Moment!
We did it!!

How long are your Maypole ribbons? Any suggestions for the perfect length?

Taren S

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