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July Full Moon‘18 Kava-Cacao Ceremony

July Full Moon ‘18
Attended open ritual by Wild Witch Collective
Hosted by Lola, Medicine Keeper
Theme was a Kava-Cacao Ceremony

The front door was open, the scent of palo wood from a small cauldron on the porch filled the air, and there stood the most delightful Wilde Witch with dancing eyes welcoming me into her house and magickal space. “Thoughtful consideration for an evening of spontaneous possibilities”, would be my explanation for the energies that Lola had set for this open July Full Moon that she was facilitating.

Lola has a magickal calling. It is in her spirit, and when you are in her space, you can feel it. She is a Medicine Keeper, Plant Witch, and Wilde Woman. Through her flows the voice of a teacher, guide and genuine friend. She is part of the next generation of Spiritual Leaders that is so desperately needed in these decisive times.

Well placed floor chairs and cushions circling a display of herbal tarot cards and large quartz crystals greeted me in the front room. Tonight, Lola was guiding us through a Kava-Cacao ceremony using the Full Moon energies. Later, we would do a small releasing ritual with an herbal blend she had mixed just for the occasion.

Soon there were a dozen of us sitting around and chatting with each other. Lola introduced herself and spoke briefly about her magickal journey thus far. She has spent time in Peru, learning herbal medicines and native spiritual beliefs. Her wisdom on the understanding and acceptance of both the dark and light in our lives was conveyed in a very understandable way. Each of us felt a connection to her; the ritual was ready to begin.

A guided mediation started the evening, helping to put everyone in that spiritual headspace. Then Lola served us her magickal blend of Kava-Cacao. Of all the ingredients she listed, I remember Nutmeg. She puts a dash in for the remembrance of her grandmother. That alone let’s you know the recipe is from the heart and special.

As we sipped and savored the magickal elixir, you could feel the energy slowly wash over you. It started in the lips with the sweet afterthought of chocolate and some unknown spice. The magick of nature and Divinity envelopes your very being, giving comfort and a sense of well-being. Sorta like one of those power drinks, but way better.

We then moved outside to a fire pit area, with wood stumps placed around for sitting. Lola lit the fire and sang a beautiful blessing song to it. Afterwards, she asked each of us to take a handful of the special herbal mixture containing mugwort, skullcap and other magickally inclined herbs from a bowl.

Our instructions were to release any negativity of the past moon while opening up to the energy of the new moon cycle by throwing herbs into fire and saying the words aloud. For many of the folks there, you could see this was a very powerful action. Lola had created a safe place for folks to really connect to themselves; proof by the heartfelt words spoken by folks that eve.

The normal chatting afterwards with a spread of various foods and snacks ended the evening. I left with several warm, fuzzy, tingly feelings that evening. First, me. I enjoyed the entirety of the evening from a participant’s standpoint. Secondly, as an Elder type Witchery person in this community, experiencing what the next generation of magickal leaders has to offer us, was awe inspiring.

Time to make a cocktail and sit back, knowing the next generation of Witches will be just fine with folks like Lola standing center of a magickal circle.

Lola can be contacted via or if in the Fallbrook, Calif area look her up via Meet-up at Wild Witch Collective for any up coming events.

Share your Kava-Cacao experiences in the comment section.

Taren S

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