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Lammas is on August 1st, it is the festival of corn and grains for modern Pagan folks. It is a time for summer cook-outs and yard games. Don’t worry about the ancient history of what some other folks did a long time ago, in some distance place. Instead, make the celebration of Lammas meaningful in this time, place and moment for you and your folks. Do what feels right.

I was able to attend two public rituals this year for Lammas in the San Diego area. From living in the rural country where I had to drive several hours just to go to 1 Sabbat to picking which ones to attend is a Witch’s dream come true. I am soo blessed, and feel I need to say it over and over, so the universe knows that I know how blessed I am.

After spending 30 plus years in the South Carolina Low Country, I am sometimes like a kid in a candy shop in Southern California. Here there are lists of events, workshops, classes, etc. in all things Pagan and magickal that are constantly happening. My only complaint is when I must choose between two interesting happenings on the same night. Oh, poor, poor me.

Whenever I am standing in a circle of magickal folks, it is like a re-charging station. The worries and crap of the mundane world slip into the background as waves of positive energies wash over you. And as always, somehow, someone says exactly what you needed to hear that evening. It is the Goddess’s personal message to you, so long as you are listening.

At both rituals, I heard Her message loud and clear. Different folks in different places, with no relation to each other said almost word for word the same thing to me. It reminded me that Divinity speaks in many ways, and sometimes it is in the form of a person you may have just met. Be in the moment and open to the message you are receiving.
Bright Blessings,
Taren S

Tell me your experiences in sacred space with hearing the Goddess.

Taren S

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