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Summer Solstice ’18- Public Ritual

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Summer solstice always seems to happen between the blinks of an eye for me. I just realized it was over a month ago and I have not posted a review of a public celebration I attended or a delicious cocktail for the season. My master bath reno, a book being published and my obsession with having a coffee cup with my logo on it, all took over this past month. I will say more about the book when get closer, now for the review.

I just adore the magickal, witchy folks in this southern California group. They put a lot of effort into creating public rituals for the Sabbats. Behind the scenes for this wonderful ritual, were planning sessions, props built, and shopping excursions for just the right items. They have the talent to make it all feel and look effortless (and you know it is anything but that).
Morris men/dancers were the inspiration for the circle cast for starting the summer solstice ritual. Everyone had wooden sticks that we used to tap each other’s sticks with. Turn to the left and tap, tap, then turn to the right and tap, tap. Sounds very simple, yet when doing, you can feel the shared energy of the folks with each tap, tap.

Keeping with the energies of the change to the dark half of the year there was a Holly and Oak king battle. Making it absolutely hilarious, it was done “Maury Povick style” or loud talk show folks yelling “Who is the daddy?” while the pregnant Goddess looked on in feigned dismay.
In that moment, standing on a bluff, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a group of folks shared community with deep, delighted laughter. They connected to each other, the land they stood upon, and to the season. All the ingredients for an insightful and well-done Sabbat celebration.

Afterwards, was a full spread of seasonal foods and favorites, with lawn games ending the day. Small groups of folks sitting on blankets and in chairs, sipping drinks, enjoying the potluck while giggling children skipped by, was the postcard picture of this day.

North County San Diego Pagans deserve a shout out and a gold star on the frig for this Summer Sabbat.

Happy Solstice!!

Hey, shoot me a quick comment telling what theme your ritual was?  What is your favorite activity for this season?

Taren S

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