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Witchcraft & Cocktails…the important things in life.  Thank you for stopping by to visit a place of amusing and musing stories, knowledge, personal thoughts and cocktail recipes of a slightly older “been there-done that” Witch. Here we are opening the doors to Witchdom-that magickal world of witches and other mystical folks, with visits to Full Moon Rituals and Sabbats from different paths and Traditions.
Make a coven approved cocktail for every Sabbat!
Join in this magickal journey and let your inner witchyness come out!
May you always be in the arms of the Goddess.
Brightest Blessings,
Taren S

I try very hard to give credit where due. When I find something worth a copy and paste promise to always include the source. Please do the same for me. If you find a word or two of mine inspiring and worth saving put “by Taren S” at the bottom. Thanks.


Please read these pages with reverence, honesty, and humor; for that is how I wrote them.


Mother Goddess
Beautiful Gaia Statue!


Dance for us under the full moon as we had danced for you.
Honor the past, stand in the moment, look to the future.

Taren S


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